夢想將近 – 鹽水新視界​​

New Vision ​

夢想將近 – 鹽水新視界

The fireworks, a symbol of new hopes, present Yanshui’s aspirations. Yanshui, a place for utopia, depicts the dream of a harmonious society coexisting with the environment and eventually becomes a sanctuary for our spiritual world. In addition, it shapes cultures and portrays the profound essence of Yanshui. As the light stream of time flows, the brilliance of the Yuejin Lantern Festival shines over the world. Year by Year, the Yanshui Lantern Festival exceeds itself and enhances more charm. Step by step, it features characteristics of the local cultures. The Yuejin Lantern Festival has become the proud representation of Yanshui. As visitors come to this realm, not merely waiting but anticipating, where light and shadows interlace, they yearn for a utopia of beauty. The seed that was sown a decade ago is gradually blossoming, flourishing, and growing ravishingly in the floral realm of the world’s new vision. The dreamland is drawing nearer – Yanshui New Vision.