Innovative Lantern Zone

策展團隊以大型燈光裝置以及現場即時聲音表演建立起展覽氛圍,以當代視覺藝術語彙再現歷史當中功能性建築的衍化過程,重新塑造出失能空間的美學。不斷閃動的光線與來自四面八方的轟鳴聲 ; 巨大的建築體在平靜而幽暗中拔地而起 — 這些曾經的科技遺跡以全新的面貌呈現,透過一個具有歷史深度與當代藝術融合的奇幻空間,提供了對於城市空間與科技演進不同面向的思考,希望觀眾沉浸在這個場域中,感受過去、現在與未來的對話。
The curatorial team has crafted the exhibition’s ambiance through the implementation of large-scale lighting installations and live on-site sound performances. Employing the approach of contemporary visual art, they illustrate the evolutionary journey of functional architecture across history, reshaping the aesthetics associated with ruins. The continuously flickering lights and resounding echoes emanating from all directions; massive architectural structures emerging from the tranquil and dim surroundings – these once technological relics are portrayed in an entirely new perspective. Through a fantastical space that seamlessly merges historical depth with contemporary art, the team invites contemplation on diverse facets of urban space and technological progress. They aspire for the audience to immerse themselves in this realm and engage in a dialogue between the past, present, and future.



Acoustic Mirrors