Water Trail on Land

就著大眾廟的歷史背景與其典故,並考量現場地勢環境,此次設計上以「陸上水路」為題進行設計。燈光以水藍色變化,營造過往場域的水路意象,民眾可以就著水路步道,一路通往舊日港邊路徑,走向鹽水車站。 鹽水車站所展現的斷垣殘壁上爬滿了盤根錯節的樹木,會讓參觀的人有彷彿沉浸在歷史故事痕跡的既視感。結合現場場域既有的光環境,將此場域也轉化成為水域場。
In order to connect Yuejin Harbor- Jubo Pavilion- Dazhong Temple and Yanshui Station during Yuejin Lantern Festival, Luminous Environment: Water Trail on Land enables people to walk water trail on land, reimagining Yuejin Harbor then and now. Changing blue lights create the effect of ripples on water surface, immersing yourself in it as if you were walking through time, leads you returning to the old Yuejin Harbor, roaming around the landscape toward Yanshui Station. When arriving Yanshui Station, continuous blue lights shine on ruined walls with bulked roots and twisted branches, make this place become an open waterarea.
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